Some Medicines You Can Grow Yourself for Survival

This handbook has data on the top herbs you can grow for treating various disorders in a self-supporting home garden, so they are on hand when you need them.

Illness and Discomfort

Everyone experiences illness and discomfort. At times, it is merely a cold or someone’s allergic to pollen. However, other times it is an awful, “I never wanna get out of bed again” type of illness.

And many people have had the experience of being awake around 2 a.m. to take care of ill children who are awake because they have a stuffed up nose.

Someone might have constant discomfort due to some injury, illness, or arthritis-related pain.

Many times we discuss the foods, over the counter medications, and tools we should stock up in our homes, but growing our very own self-supporting garden is an idea many people don’t think of.

Homeopathic Herbs

Herbs can be used to flavor foods as well as be used as a homeopathic medication for several disorders. Therefore, they’re great to keep on hand in your home and to grow them in an herb garden. A few could assist in treating cold or sinus issues along with others that could help relieve pain or arthritis.

Homeopathic medication has existed for centuries. That’s what the ancient people used before today’s medications. Even if they might not work the same as today’s medications, they’re still good to have on hand, particularly when you have some emergency.

Therefore, we’ve put together a list of all sorts of herbs that can be grown so you can compile your very own self-sustaining homeopathic medication cupboard.

Nature’s Medications

Lavender – the scent of lavender is fantastic for treating anxiety or depression. Plus, it’s additionally good for clearing acne and accelerating the healing of wounds via infusing lavender flowers in water than utilizing it for washing your face and treating broken skin.

Lavender oil is thought to provide antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory effects that assist in helping to treat insect bites and minor burns.

Additionally, a few dried flowers placed under your pillow will assist you in getting to sleep and being more relaxed and peaceful.

Echinacea -Use this homeopathic herb if you are suffering from a terrible cold, or an upper repository disease, or have the flu. It will alleviate your symptoms, and you’ll feel better.

Elderberry – Researches prove the antiviral abilities of Elderberry assists against illnesses such as the flu. The top method of using it is via elderberry tea. You make it by placing a couple of teaspoons of the flowers into a cup, then add boiling water and steep for ten minutes. You can sweeten it if you like. It should be drunk two or three times a day while you have symptoms.

Garlic – This strong herb is rich in antimicrobial abilities. Many times it’s used to fight off the common cold, lessen congested sinuses, and help get rid of loose stools. A few recent pieces of research proved it also could gently lower your blood pressure. Just eat two or three cloves every day.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is terrific for the skin as well as good for treating small cuts and minor burns. It’s terrific for treating eczema and other kinds of skin problems. Plus, it can work as an antimicrobial as well as a homeopathic anti-inflammatory.

Peppermint – This can be utilized to get rid of nausea, gas pains, the common cold, as well as motion sickness induced nausea. You just make some tea using several fresh peppermint leaves. You can also use it to get rid of muscle cramps or a headache. And it’s also great for bad breath.

Sage – Sage relieves respiratory difficulties, to include asthma, which is treated via inhaling sage made into an infusion. It’s also revered as a neuroprotective which is connected to assisting people with depression and dementia.

And here’s something to help the women out there. It can regulate female hormones and help get rid of those horrible period cramps as well as menopause symptoms.

Cranberries – These will assist in treating as well as preventing a bladder infection, so if you take them every day, you can prevent getting these issues.

Turmeric – people have used turmeric for centuries to help get rid of heartburn and the pain of arthritis and joint pains.

White Willow Bark – This herb is a homeopathic way of treating pain in the back, neck, and in the muscles. It’s additionally great for treating arthritis or a bad headache.

Last Thoughts

Please be advised that many more herbs are out there with medical properties that we have not covered here.

Additionally, before taking any sort of medicinal herb, even these homeopathic ones, it should not be done until you speak to your physician.  If you have a sudden emergency, you likely can’t get to a doctor, but you still need to know all the facts on these herbs before using them in case they could react with a prescription medication you take.  Plus, not all herbs or berries are edible.


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