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Portable Solar Power Backup
Laptops - Cell Phones - Electronics

Portable Solar Power Electronics & Emergency Backup

Be safe having a solar generator when the lights go out.
Power anywhere any time for smart phones, iPhones, iPad, laptops etc.


Store Emergency Power for when you need it!
We are vulnerable to temporary or even permanent electrical outages.


portable backup solar power charging kits 1800 watt

Power Source 1800

Power Blackouts  - No Problem
1800w Portable Solar AC Power
Built-in Inverter with Battery
Charge battery with either AC or Solar


portable emergency solar system

Renogy portable solar charging

Renogy Firefly

Charge any USB or AC appliance under 150W, anywhere - anytime. Compact with a carrying handle, sturdy and durable it was designed for mobile, off-grid applications.


Renogy Firefly portable solar unit

solar power charging kits electronics

Renogy Camping Kit

14w E-Flex provides a portable solar panel to charge up your USB electronics. Come with a Coffee Pot/stove and rechargeable flashlight and a external battery charger.


Renogy Solar Camping Kit