The Best Survival Water Filters on the Market in 2020

There is no question that water is vital for survival.  Indeed, we will only survive a mere 3 days if we are deprived of it.

However, if you have a sudden emergency or you are trapped somewhere in the wilds, you’d be fortunate if you could locate any clean and pure water. So here’s when you truly need an emergency water filter!

Hazardous drinking water may bring on serious diseases, and, even though water is vital, if you drink polluted water it will merely lessen your chances of surviving even more. Locating the top emergency water filter hence gives you the greatest odds to survive whenever bad occasions occur and you’ve got little to no access to supplies.

Being prepared by packing water purification items in a emergency backpack is vital, and having the top emergency water filter might be the key to whether you get ill, or are properly hydrated at a time whenever you critically require it.

Our Top Choices

1. Etekcity Water Filter Straw


The Etekcity Water Filter Straw showcases a three-stage filtration method. Your body will shut itself down if you go more than 3 days without drinking water.

So, it’s crucial to have access to a safe supply of water to preserve your life, and successfully survive.
This sophisticated filtration comprises a pre-filter, as well as an activated carbon filter, plus a 0.01 Micron Hollow Fiber UF Membrane Inline filter. Via this formidable technology, this filter straw gets rid of 99.99999 percent of aquatic bacteria, like E. Coli or cholera.
It delivers as much as fifteen hundred liters of cleaned drinking water, which can be filtered from any supply, like a stream or a lake.

Perfect for a survival situation, the filter is packed with a water pouch that can be folded up for getting the water, along with a syringe to clean with, and an attachable 70 centimeter long straw, which will make it simpler to drink if you are doing so from a difficult to manage source. Along with the other kit, the entire thing weighs a mere four ounces, therefore it’s simple to carry around with you and very portable.
Though, it is important to note that the filter has a flow rate that’s slower its competitors as it delivers about one to 1.1 liters a minute. That means it needs additional power so you can drink from it directly, and that may not be very convenient.

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2. Sawyer Products Water Filtration System


In spite of this being a tiny water filter, the Sawyer Products Water Filtration System is not tiny in its abilities. It is capable of processing as much as a hundred thousand gallons of water, utilizing an inline filer measuring a mere 0.1-micron.

It gets rid of 99.99999 percent of all dangerous bacteria, like salmonella, as well as 99.9999 percent of all known protozoa. Every one of the Sawyer Mini units gets tested 3 times prior to being packed so as to make sure there’s not any dangerous pathogens remaining.

It is not merely an extremely strong filter, it’s additionally very versatile. This Sawyer Mini works by screwing in onto a standard bottle of water, therefore you merely put the water in the bottle and you are ready to drink it. Otherwise, you may put water into the squeeze pouch, then screw its filter to the top, and begin drinking immediately.
You can use the sixteen ounce squeeze pouch over and over, which is particularly handy for a survival situation where you might get trapped for a long time frame. Its filtration system additionally contains a seven-inch long drinking straw, so it’s very convenient.

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3. Survivor Electric Water Filter


The Survivor Electric Water Filter is capable of an extremely rapid flow-rate as compared to additional filters you can buy. It generates around a half liter a minute, plus with its rating of 0.01, its rate is undeniably remarkable.
This is an electric powered handheld filter, which is very simple to operate. It requires AA batteries or you can plug it into a USB port. You merely touch the button, and it begins to get rid of bacteria, viruses, as well as protozoa, and makes your water safe to drink.

The filter lasts a long time and can deliver as much as twelve thousand ounces of drinkable water in bad conditions, as well as fifteen thousand ounces in perfect conditions.
Though the PRO X weighs a mere ten ounces, it’s pretty big, so may be a bit problematic if you’re alone in a survival position. You will need to think about if it’s worth forfeiting a bit of space in a emergency bug out pack to create room for it.

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4. Katadyn Dual Technology MicroFilter


The Katadyn Dual Technology MicroFilter has 3 separate filter levels. It includes a high-performing glass fiber filter that does the main filtration, as well as a pre-filter made of ceramic which may change dependent on how cloudy the water is and it uses active charcoal for removing odors.

This can filter water rapidly, generating as much as 2 quarts a minute via utilizing the ‘quicker flow’ method, or 1 quart a minute with the ‘lengthier life’ method. Though it’s a strong and highly technical kind of filter, it’s simple to operate, via a two-piston pump, which smoothly pumps the water out swiftly.

Since it cleans the water so fast, this filter is a good choice if you have a lot of people. Plus you can hook base of the adapter to your water bottles to give even more convenience, or hook it onto the enclosed hose if you need to fill bigger containers.

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5. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter


The second straw filter we have on the list, but one of our favorites.
This LifeStraw water filter, which is created out of hollow fiber membranes, lets someone filter as much as a thousand gallons of polluted water and requires no iodine or any additional chemicals.
You do not wish to get sick if you’re in the wilderness, because it lessons your survival chances.
The water filter exceeds EPA standards as well as assists in straining out any aquatic bacteria as well as protozoan organisms.

It arrives sealed up in a bag, and that’s great so you can store it inside a backpack or bug out bag. Thereby it remains totally clean as well as safe for use, and will assist you in preventing any issues that will cause bad health, as well as it make it simple to keep the filter secure and reachable.

Best of all there’s no batteries required and there’s not any moving parts. It’s merely a simple and efficient design. Any emergency kit is incomplete if you don’t have a few of these in it.
You can buy this item in the marketplace at a median cost for typical water filters, making it easy on the budget as well as easy to acquire for any prepper no matter where they come from.

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Water Sources and Decontamination

The type of water supply the water is collected from determines how rigorous the water treatment should be.

If you can locate water via a cool spring, melted snow or a glacier, for instance, the water would be fairly pure to start. It is not likely to have gotten polluted by animals or people.

For these sort of water sources, a fundamental water filter is suitable. It is worth remembering that if you realize you will be trekking into an icy or snowy environment.

Though, except if you now live somewhere there’s a lot of snow already, it is more probably you will travelling in the wild or some kind of urban environment when the emergency happens. So you are more likely to be gathering polluted water. You must more intensely filter any water you get from a swamp or a stream.

It will not merely have to be run through the filter, you should additionally purify it as an necessary safeguard. Purification gets rid of not only odors or a bad taste, it removes viruses which might otherwise get through a basic filter.

Single or Group Survival Methods

You should think about the number of folks who will be in the group if you get trapped with no water. If you are sure it will be just you, then you only need a filter straw or a lightweight inline filter.

Otherwise, if it is going to be a big group, filters created for one person usage are worthless. A little pump water filter is a much better choice.  Little pump water filters are capable of filling up several bottles of water quickly, and the chore of pumping could be divided up amongst the group members.

Whilst it is not possible all the time to tell if you will be in the wild a long time, a gravity fed filter is a good choice to bring if you think this is going to happen.

This filter is a lot faster when straining big amounts of water, so it is capable of providing several gallons of water daily if you keep pouring water in it. That makes it a better choice for a camping trip because they take a good amount of area to set them up and they are not that easy to carry around.

A Transportable Water Filter

When in emergency situations, you want your gear to be as lightweight as it can be. If an emergency occurs, you will not have any idea the length of time you will be in the wild, and if your bug out pack is heavy it will be a worse situation.

So this is the reason the top emergency water filter should not weight a lot and should be easy to carry with you. If it’s bulky or awkward it will occupy too much space. You need to get a heavy filter for it to be a good one. A lot of the smaller in-line type of filters will fit in your pocket and are extremely lightweight.

The bigger type of filters like a gravity fed one, isn’t meant to go in a bug out pack. However, a few of the smaller pump kind of water filters will do a good job for a lengthy timeframe and yet fit well into your bug out pack.

It’s a good idea to think about if you’re okay with giving up on taking a big, maybe more effective pump filter so you can bring a lighter one which might require a longer timeframe to filter the water entirely.


You will have to think on if a filter that fits your budget will work as well as one that costs more.  Many of the pricy water filters actually work more efficiently as a long range investment since they filter a larger amount of water than the cheaper ones. So be certain you are comparing the water filters’ specs prior to buying one.

A straightforward, rudimentary filter many times works just as good as the more costly one which has tons of features. It might be better to spend your money on buying other types of survival tools, when the cost equals the quality. It’s a good idea to think about which features are the most important to you in a water filter, plus if you think paying more means it works better.

Another facet of the cost to think about is if the filter you pick has parts that are easy to replace. It is possible the filter could require new parts eventually, so if you get a filter that costs a lot at the start it might eventually cost more money to own than one of the other, cheaper filters.

Simple to Operate

The top emergency water filter needs to be simple to operate without you needing to pour over a manual. If you’re trapped in an emergency situation, you want your ability to get clean water to be free of stress. In an emergency time is vital and you want a process that’s not going to stress you out more.

A few models of water filters need more components to work right, i.e. a special kind of hose. Plus you might need to set them up in a specific manner or they only work in specific environments.

Trendy filters that look like straws can be bought these days. They do seem to have a lot of benefits, but they won’t be much good unless you are willing to be right next to the water source and stick your head down to drink the water via the filter straw.

So it’s vital to think about the ease of using the water filter you choose since the top one can be adapted to your situation as well as your environment.

Our Choice



After we reviewed the above water filters, you can see there are many top notch emergency water filters you can buy. But my choice for the top one is going to be the Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System.

This one gives you top notch results, as well as it’s easy on the budget and simple to operate. And it doesn’t weight much so it’s simple to carry in your bug out pack.

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