Best Emergency Survival Food Kits

During any massive emergency, a large portion of the populace would start to starve before the end of a single week, primarily because they were not able to store food to get through the crisis.

We live in a magnificent world of contemporary conveniences, yet it’s also insanely tenuous. You are not the only person who’s been getting ready for the “rainy days.”

Hence, it’s paramount to keep survival food kits to provide sustenance up to the time that you can get a stable source of food for you and your loved ones to keep going.

We need to prepare for the worst, however, if you are going to get yourself prepared, bear in mind that your brain is your precious strong point, use it. Do not buy worthless stuff!

Best Survival Food Kits in 2020

Below is a summary along with the pros and cons of the leading survival food kits on the market.

1. Aqua Culture Starter Kit 55 Gallon Tank


Don’t just take our word for it. This is the best-reviewed on Amazon. It’s a bit pricier than some of the other kits, but it’s the only organic and GMO-free package and has almost four times the food kits, so we find the price still reasonable. If you want a cheaper brand, scroll to option 2.

NuManna is the first and only emergency food manufacturer who offers long shelf-life survival food with no MSG, no GMO, pesticide-free, corn syrup free, preservative-free, aspartame-free, and above all, organic.

The NuManna Emergency Survival Food Storage Kit has a shelf life of up to 25 years, the same with other survival food kits, which are made of unhealthy ingredients and preservatives. This survival food kit is known for its incredible taste. The company realizes its mission to create a product that would suit everybody’s taste buds while being healthy.  It comes with 204 kits serving breakfast to dinner. Amazon 5 star average!

This pack includes sweet habanero chili with pineapple, rice pilaf, black bean soup, classic chili, cheesy potato soup, and oatmeal with brown sugar.  All of which are soy-free, GMO-free, MSG-free, and aspartame free.


NuManna’s primary goal is to create food kits that people would love to eat daily, not only for emergencies.  You get what you pay for, although it is costly compared to other emergency food supply kits. The foods are tastier, healthier, and of a higher quality.

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2. Wise Company Emergency Food Supply


If you are searching for healthy and delicious emergency food supplies, then this food kit is perfect for you. This bundle is ideal for any calamity or daily use.  It incorporates 104 servings, and you have 25 years to use them.  It is a total package of non-perishable foods good for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

Meals are loaded in individual pouches and are stored in a tub guaranteeing quality and satisfaction.  This kit ensures a no-cook process. You have to add water, and the food will be ready to eat in 12-15 minutes. It measures 9.7 x 9.7 x 13.5 inches and weighs 7.5 pounds.


This survival food kit offers a wide variety of ready-to-eat meals.  It comes in a total package of breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner. It’s very convenient to prepare. By just adding water and putting it aside for 12-15 minutes, you can immediately enjoy a tasty meal.

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3. Augason Farms Breakfast and Dinner Emergency Food Supply – Best Budget Pick


Augason Farms manufactures survival food kits intended to sustain you anyplace from a short 72-hour period to even a year or more. Highlights of the package are lunch and dinner survival food kits and come in a grab-and-go bucket that can be moved easily yet stacked neatly for better stockpiling.

This supply-kit Incorporates all that you will need to sustain caloric and nutritional needs in case of a startling emergency, or whenever you need a tasty, easy-to-prepare meal.  It comes with 11 meal assortments with 92 servings and a total calorie of 21,020. Meals are bundled in pockets and fixed in an easy-to-move bucket.

This kit is perfect in any emergency as it is transport-convenient and a total package of all your food needs. Established in the 1970s, the company has improved its recipes and collect the best ingredients to come up with the perfect dehydrated meal.


For the budget-minded, Augason Farms Breakfast and Dinner Emergency Food Supply is a great option.  The kit comes in 2 different preparation, either freeze-dried pantry essentials or dehydrated food mix. Comes in individual packages, this food kit is perfect for any emergency or daily consumption.

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4. Survival Cave Canned Meat


This ready-to-eat 12- pack of canned meat comes in a variety of flavors, including Pork, Turkey, Chicken, Beef and Ground Beef. All products are chemical-free with no preservatives.  Perfect for emergency, camping and the always-on-the-go individuals.  The meats are carefully packed without machine intervention and cooked slowly until desired tenderness is achieved.  The meats came from the United States and passed the quality requirement of the USDA. Each can comes in a serving size of 3oz or 85 grams, with total calories of 110. The net weight is 12 pounds.  This product is ideal for health-conscious individuals since it is high in protein and without carbohydrate content. Shelf life is 12 to 15 years.


This pack is best not only for an emergency but also for camping and even for daily use.  It is no-preservative canned meat, and a highlight is its high protein content. With its shelf-life of 12 to 15 years, this product is a perfect addition to your go kit.

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5. Survival Tabs


If you are into foods that can provide 100 percent nourishment to your body, then this Survival Tab is perfect for you.  Because we cannot absorb all the nutrients from the food we eat, the potent caloric needs of our body to keep us going is not achieved.  Given this fact, the company came up with the idea of creating a convenient food with all of the much-needed calories for the body to sustain.

All the important elements, such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids, are in one single tab.  The kit can sustain one person for eight days.  The product is free of Gluten and GMOs with a shelf life of 25 years. The kit comes in a variety of flavors, namely Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch, and Strawberry.  Each pouch contains 24 tabs.


The most convenient emergency food kit available to date.  It can sustain up to 8 days.  A single Survival Tab meets the body’s caloric requirement.

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6. Mountain House Essential Pack


This freeze-dried food pack is a must-have in your survival kit.  With a shelf-life of 30 years, this vacuum-sealed pouch is perfect for camping and everyday use, not just for emergency and calamities.  It is very easy to prepare, add water, stir, and let it stand for 10 minutes, and your hot, tasty meal is ready to serve.  However, despite its great taste, this product is not suitable for individuals allergic to wheat and soy.


This food pack is best to be included in your emergency kit, camping, and even for daily use. With its 30-year shelf life, you can guarantee quality and flavorful food.  Easy to prepare, in just 10 minutes, you will be able to enjoy ready-to-eat hot and tasty beef.

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7. S.O.S Ration Survival Emergency Food Bar


Preparing emergency food kits is no picnic.  You will have to consider a lot of things before buying one, like the ease of preparation, shelf-life, and taste.  But worry no more; this emergency food kit in the ration bar is the perfect choice for you.

Compared to other emergency food kits, these food bars come in wafer form, which means you can readily eat them, and no cooking is required. They don’t last as long, though. These products can last up to 5 years and can stand extreme temperatures making them one the best choices for emergency preparedness.  Additionally, this ration kit comes with purified water in a pouch.


Since this emergency kit comes in the form of ready-to-eat food bars, S.O.S Ration Emergency Food Bars are the perfect choice for individuals who opt for foods that require no cooking.  Unlike other survival kits, this ration food pouch includes purified water making it a total package for emergency preparedness.

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8. Ready America 3000 The Survival Box


If you are looking for a handy mini-survival kit, then this emergency pack is best for you. It includes six pouches of drinking water, a food bar, and a blanket keeping 90 percent of body heat.  This emergency food kit can sustain one person for 72 hours.  Has a shelf-life of 5 years, checked, and approved by US Coast Guard.


This kit is one of the best emergency kits available in the market for short term needs such as after an earthquake when you need a few days for utilities and emergency services to resume. It can sustain one person for 72 hours. Handy and convenient.

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9. Life Gear Life Essentials Nourishment in Emergency Situation


This life essentials kit comes with a 3-day supply of food and water.  Also, it includes a thermal blanket that is important to keep you warm during the cold weather, keeping the body thermo-regulated by maintaining 80% of its heat.  With its five years shelf life, this mini survival kit is ideal for emergency preparedness.


This emergency preparedness kit includes a three days’ supply of food, water, and a thermal blanket that can fit inside your backpack, making it a perfect inclusion of your grab-and-go bag.

This is a pretty small kit that won’t last you very long, and we have moved it down after our initial reviews seemed a little more positive.

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10. Patriot Pantry Gluten-Free Kit

Currently out of Stock

The Patriot Pantry is one of the trusted manufacturers which is known for making emergency food kits. Products are made in the United States and are nutritious and offer a balanced diet.  All items are freeze-dried and individually packed in Mylar pouches.

Sealed packs can last up to 25 years and are good until one year once opened. The kit comes in 120 serving of various array of foods that requires no refrigeration. It includes 12 gluten-free food and drinks choices totaling to 21,600 calories.


This type of emergency food kit is best for people allergic to Gluten. All items are packed in individual pouches with shelf-life of up to 25 years.  Ideal for emergency and daily use.

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How To Choose The Best Emergency Food

Almost all of the available emergency foods in the market are simple and just require the addition of water even without the need to warm or boil it. You can create a gourmet pantry if you wish to purchase individual and separate packs. As such, you can have a variety of meals to prepare. Some of the examples of this are powdered eggs, honey, flour, and spices.

Freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are the types of long term storage food good for emergency. Between the two, the freeze-dried varieties taste better and have a longer shelf life, while the dehydrated foods have a better texture than the freeze-dried foods.

Tips for Food Storage

If you are planning to buy emergency food kits, bear in mind that you might presumably die before you can consume it or vice versa.  The goods that you will be buying have a shelf-life of around 20 to 25 years.  If you are going to invest thousands of dollars for this product, it will be thrown away if not consumed.

Check the Serving Size

Aside from the quality, one of the challenges in survival food kits is their servings. The serving amount differs from company to company. Food companies are playing hard amounts since they have control over the packaging. This is also true with the companies manufacturing emergency food kits.

Check the Company

Today, there are just a couple of companies that make genuine freeze-dried or dehydrated foods. The rest are companies that straightforward white name their image names by mass getting dried out their nourishment.

These companies are not food companies, but they showcase theirs in that capacity. They purchase their items from the least expensive providers and amass them in Mylar pouches. They, for the most part, couldn’t care less about the nature of their items.

It is ideal to do some research on who creates the products that you are purchasing.

Compare the Calories

Calories in food don’t lie just like what other companies do. Do not buy products that do not summarize the calories for each serving. If there are insufficient calories of emergency foods for the family, then better not buy it.

There are food kits as publicized contain 400 calories for each serving. But, most of the calories are from sweets and beverages with sugar or fillers. These fillers, like shortening and butter, won’t support the family during crises. By itself, it is ideal to settle on calories from real foods that are nutritious and loaded with normal calories.

Plan Ahead

You may plan to rush to the supermarket after work; however, by then, it could be too late for you– the bread, milk, peanut butter, and all other ready-to-eat foods are gone.

That is the trouble with trying to come up with the perfect survival food kits once a catastrophe has come. Not to mention the calamities that could happen without warning.  So, to avoid cramming and ending up buying dumb kinds of stuff, consider planning and listing all your necessities before buying them.

Regardless of whether you are getting ready for a major calamity, or just trying to prepare for a minor political crisis, you must have all the needed things packed in a “grab and go” bag or container.

You will be leading your family to conquer that “hell time,” and in that very moment, you have to keep them sustained, maintaining yourself in a prime condition is also as necessary so you can relevantly protect them.

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