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It’s not a good idea to have loose ammunition lying around. It can be confusing you’re trying to find the right round for your rifles or pistols if your ammunition isn’t organized. You can arrange your ammunition in the best way with a proper ammo crate. Here are some of the best ammo crates that you can buy in the current market.

1. #1 MTM AC4C Ammo Crate (4-Can)


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Ammo crate gives you an excellent room for your ammunition. It’s both an organizer and a storage container in one. The box gives you four 30 caliber cans. It has a latching mechanism that is high-quality and secure. You have four different locations in the crate where you can divide up your ammunition. This is an excellent can if you have different rifles that take various rounds.

If you collect ammunition or have a lot of rifles, this is an excellent ammo crate. It can hold up to 15 lbs. of ammo. You can hold various types of ammunition in the container. There is a depth in this crate of 5.5 in from the rim of a box to the bottom.

You can also store boxes of ammunition in this crate, not just loose ammunition. You get a double padlock and O-ring fastening, so the container is both cool looking and secure. It will resist humidity, so your ammo is kept in reasonable condition within the crate. The top of the ammunition crate has a rubber gasket on the crate engines. This provides you with an airtight seal. The temperature, moisture, and humidity inside the container are going to be regulated.

The MTM AC4C Ammo can is easy to tip over so you can access all of your ammunition. This crate is also very mobile so you can take it with you. This crate allows you to take all of your ammo with you to the range. It’s made with solid polypropylene material and shaped so you can easily stock another crate on top of it.

2. MTM 50 Caliber Ammo Storage Can


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This is a single ammo storage can. If you don’t have a lot of ammunition yet, this is an excellent plan to start storing your ammunition. The crate has stacking ridges, O-ring water-resistant seal, double latching system, rugged polypropylene material, and two padlock tabs provide plenty of security.

The O-ring rubber seal allows you to store your ammunition, so it’s not impacted by air moisture or external UV light. The latch system of the can requires you to unlatch it two times before they can fully open. This reduces the chances that you’ll drop the box. Handles on the can make carrying it comfortable. It’s not as reliable as some other cans for outdoor shooting because the handle is made out of plastic. It may start falling apart if you happen to drop the box from any sort of height. The handle may even break if you happen to lose the can out of your truck or car. It would be nice if this can had a better handle on it, so you need to be careful with it.

While this can survive a harsh environment, it’s not a good idea to keep it in the tool shed or the garage during the extremes of the winter or the summer weather. Extremes could impact the plastic of the can in climate, which can reduce the shelf life of ammunition. You can store plenty of loose ammunition in the can as well as a few boxes of ammo.

3. MTM 380/9MM Cal 100 Round Flip-Top Ammo Box


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One thing about MTM ammo cans is that they tend to get great reviews from customers. You should consider them to be a reliable producer of storage containers for your ammunition.

This storage can have dividers. It can store 380 caliber ammunition and 9 mm ammunition. It’s designed for 9mm Makarov, 30 Luger, 380 ACP, and 9mm Luger ammo.

It has a depth of 1.22 inches. It’s 5 in tall on each side. It’s a little bit harder to reach the 380 caliber ammunition in the crate because it’s a bit too deep, and the dividers don’t give you a lot of leeways. You should store the ammunition base up, so it’s easier to grab hold of when you take it out of the crate.

This crate doesn’t have some of the storage capacity of other boxes. It can’t regulate temperature, moisture, or exposure to UV light. All that it provides is a snap latch. Around the rim of the box, there is no rubber gasket, so there’s no added safety concerning the elements outside.  When you close the crate, it is somewhat water-resistant, but you may have problems near bodies of water or in a humid environment.

The primary purpose of this crate would be for someone that is often shooting. This includes hunters, competitive shooters, and law enforcement that needs to practice. You can put your ammunition in the crate, take it with you and use it right away. It’s not a box where you’re going to store ammo for a long time because it lacks a lot of the storage capabilities of other crates. Each of the boxes in the container can hold 50, and they are stackable. You can bring a lot of ammunition with you to the range and access it out of this crate.

You have a textured exterior that resists scratches and scuffs from penetrating the box. You do get a 20-year guarantee on the box, so it should last you a long time. Its downside is it’s not a long-term storage solution for your ammunition. Think of this crate is a short-term storage solution where you are going to be using the ammunition in it up in a short period.

4. Solid Tactical 50 Cal Ammo Can


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This is more of a military-style ammo can. Many other ammo cans are made with plastic, but this one features steel construction. This comes close to military-grade ammo storage cans in terms of function, quality, and structure. Steel is a lot stronger for storing ammunition when you compare it to plastic.

These storage cans are designed to be long-lasting. Your ammo will have extended shelf-life and staying power. You can potentially store your ammunition for years in one of these cans. It is waterproof as well as airtight. Each of these cans is tested to ensure it has these qualities. Tests indicate that even if this can is submerged in water, none of it gets into the box.

The airtight quality of the can keeps humidity, moisture, dust, dirt, and debris from getting in the cracks from the opening of the crate. It has an excellent rubber gasket seal, which is top quality. The lid is secure with a sturdy latch. Since the can is heavy, it is quite safe to stack without and fear of it falling over. It has excellent width, depth, and length. It can store most kinds of ammunition. It will hold both packaged and loose ammo. You get desiccant packs in the box, which will help soak up moisture.

5. Plano Tactical Custom Ammo Box


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This is an excellent ammo storage box that has a lot of great features. It features military-grade construction but is made of plastic. There is an O-ring seal, heavy-duty handle, and it has mechanical hinges on the side. It has molded ridges on the bottom and top, and you have a padlock tab. The latch is a brass bail latch for added security. The interior dimensions of this can are 4.25 in width, 9.5 in length, and 6 in height.

The crate has a watertight seal. Tests by users indicate that it will keep the ammo dry even if the container is underwater. You can use the crate for both long-term ammo storage and secure transport of ammo to the range. It’s still not as good as a steel ammo box, but it will get the job done. It’s perfect for amateur gun owners or those that need to access ammo quickly as well as those needing longer-term ammo storage.


These are the five best ammo cans and crates o the market. All of them make excellent storage solutions for your ammo, whether you’re going to the range often or need to store ammo long-term. You will find a crate or that can meet your needs from this list.


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