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Portable Solar Power for Laptops, Home, RV, Cabin, Campsite

No Safety Worries When The Power Goes Out

 Portable Solar Power Backup

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solar backup power

Store Emergency Power for when you need it
We all face natural disasters: Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Snow and i\Ice storms cutting off power to millions each year.

Then there are man-made disasters and outages
Blackouts and rolling brownouts are becoming common in many parts of the United States as our politicians herd us off into third-world status. And never forget the possibility of a terrorist attack directed at a few of our nation’s power plants. Since the nation’s power grids are all “connected,” crippling one plant starts a cascading downward spiral of darkness.

Your neighbors will always be clueless
when it happens, expecting the government to “do something” to get their precious cable TV back on. The truth is, we are extremely vulnerable to all kinds of meltdowns that can create temporary or even permanent electrical outages. That’s why if you are one of the few Americans that have eyes to see and ears to hear with respect to the hard times ahead. In fact, you can also expect rising electrical rates very soon, as promised by the new administration.

That's why you need a backup power supply, today.
Not after the lights go out.

Portable Solar Power for Home, RV, Cabin, Boat

It’s the perfect emergency backup for troubled times at any location.
When the lights go out at your house… you’ll be glad you didn’t hesitate.


OUTPUT - Output power (maximum) : 1800 W (2900 VA)
Surge power (peak) : 3600 W
Output voltage (nominal) : 120 VAC
Output frequency : 60 Hz +/-1 Hz
Output wave form : Modified sine wave
Transfer switch : 15 A maximum/<80 milliseconds
Surge suppression : Yes
Inverter on : < 0.6 A (battery drain)
(no-load current draw)
Charging time : 15 hours from 120 VAC
12 VOLT DC - Internal battery type : Sealed lead acid, AGM
Internal battery capacity: 51 amp-hours
Internal battery voltage : 12 VDC (nominal)
Low battery alarm : 11.0 V (nominal)
Low battery shutdown : 10.5 V (nominal)
Internal charger charging current: 5 A DC maximum
DIMENSIONS - 8.5"w x 18.5"h x 10.5"d WT.- 65 lbs.

1 year warranty on Solar Backup. 20 year warranty on Solar Panel

Portable Solar Power

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Power Anytime Anywhere
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Portable Solar Power Chargers Portable Solar Power Chargers Portable Solar Power Chargers
Goal0 19201 Sherpa 50
Adventure Kit
Through Amazon
Goal0 22003 Escape
30M Solar Panel Briefcase

Through Amazon
Portable Power Max

Through Amazon
  • Stores 50 w-hours of power
  • Built in USB & 12 volt DC outputs
  • Charge from the wall in 2.5 hrs (charger included)
  • Charge from Nomad 13.5M in 8 hrs (included)
  • Powerful Mono-Crystalline solar technology delivers more power per sq inch than any other solar alternative
  • FCC and CE tested and certified
  • Collect 30 Watts Sun Power
  • High impact molded plastic briefcase protects solar panel
  • UV treated and weather resistant to protect casing
  • Ergonomic rubberized handle for greater comfort and grip
  • Pop-out stands for optimal positioning and convenient set-up
  • Store-away cable for simple organization
  • 5 USB Ports allow you to charge up to 5 USB Electronics at a time
  • iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, Droid
  • LED indicators let you know how much charge you have left on the battery
  • Adds 30 extra hours of usage to iPad
  • Charges any device with a maximum current requirement of 2.4 Amps

Portable Solar Power Charger Portable Solar Power Charger Portable Solar Power Charger
Solar Evolution
Mobile Solar Kit

Through Amazon
Xantrex Powerpack Solar
W/400 Watt Inverter

Through Amazon
Solstice 2.5
Portable Solar Battery Pack

Through Amazon
  • Portable Solar Power
  • 12DC and 120AC voltage
  • Plug of larger external battery possible
  • Pre-wired, ready to go
  • Plug & Play design
  • Up to 140 Watt Solar Panel
  • Manufactured in USA
  • Runs 120-volt AC or 12-volt DC products anywhere
  • Built-in 400-watt inverter
  • Two 120-volt AC outlets, one 12-volt DC socket and one USB port
  • Three-digit display for easy battery status monitoring
  • Meets power needs of all your hand-held devices
  • Can be charged via its adapter or solar panels
  • Internal battery has 2 to 3 times the capacity of a typical cell phone
  • Built-in emergency LED flashlight

  Xantrex  XPower  1500        $595.00

portable powerXPower PowerPack 1500 produces household electricity for products rated at 1500 watts or less. A clean and quiet alternative to a generator, XPower Powerpack 1500 integrates a 51 amp-hour AGM battery with a 1500-watt inverter and produces a 3000-watt surge. This system is built to run a range of appliances such as a standard size refrigerator and microwave oven, and office equipment such as a computer, monitor and fax machine.

XPower PowerPack 1500 consists of a battery pack that stores electrical energy, state-of-the-art electronics that convert 12 volts from the battery pack to household power, an AC power panel that contains two standard outlets, and a DC power panel that is used to run 12 volt products.

All packaged into a rugged “cart” with a removable waist handle that allows for easy storage and to be wheeled from room-to-room or outdoors over rough terrain. An excellent alternative to a generator – no noise, no fumes, no fuel!



Xantrex portable Emergency power  Xantrex portable Emergency power

Xantrex portable Emergency powerXantrex portable Emergency power


Electrical  Specifications

115 volt AC Section


AC output power (10 minutes)

1500 watts

AC output power (continuous)

1350 watts

AC surge power (max)

3000 watts

AC output voltage (nominal)

115 volts

AC output frequency

60 Hz +/- 4 Hz

AC output waveform

Modified sine wave

Inverter no-load current

0.3 amps (battery drain with no load on inverter)

12 Volt DC Section

Internal battery type

Sealed lead acid, AGM

Internal battery capacity

60 amp-hours, 600 CCA

Internal battery voltage (nominal)

12 VDC

DC power socket (circuit breaker)

12 amps (automatic reset)



Charging System


AC charger bulk charging current (max)

5 amps

Peak charging voltage (nominal)

14.4 volts

Float charge voltage (nominal)

13.6 volts



General Specifications

Operating/Storage temperature

32F - 104F (OC - 40C)

Inverter low battery alarm (nominal)

10.7 volts

Inverter low battery shutdown (nominal)

10.0 volts

Dimensions (H x W x D) with no handle

14.8 x 15.6 x 12.3"
(37.6 x 39.6 x 31.2cm)

Dimensions (height with handle)

38.0" (96.5 cm)


60 lb (27.3 kg)


One year

Part number



Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

Operating Time

C Powered Products






Portable Stereo



13" TV/VCR



Refrigerator - 18 cu. Ft.(3)



Fax Machine (4)



Computer with 15" Monitor



Hedge Trimmer



Circular Saw (12 A) (5)



Microwave Oven



DC Powered Products

DC Powered Products



Cellular Telephone (6)



Fluorescent Light



Portable Cooler



Tire Inflator




Recharge your XPower PowerPack 1500 using utility power
from your wall outlet  or from a Solar panel or Wind generator.

Sharp Solar Panel
Packaged with a 50w Solar Panel $1,125

  Xantrex  PowerHub  1800 

Xantrex Powerhub 1500 Portable Solar Power Display

Xantrex Powerhub 1500 Portable Solar Power Kit

Xantrex Powerhub 1500 Portable Solar Power   $899

Prepare for ANY Electrical Emergency !
With a Clean, Green, Backup Power Machine !
Ideal for Condominiums or Other Multi-family Complexes

Have you ever wondered how to create your own renewable energy or backup power system for your home, business, cabin, or cottage? Introducing the Xantrex PowerHub, the first backup and renewable power system that allows you to independently create your own energy.

The PowerHub converts power stored in your deep cycle batteries to 1800 watts of household power to operate your essential applications. It provides an affordable, high output, primary power solution for an off-grid cottage or cabin, as well as backup power for grid-connected homes when the power goes out.

Setting up this power system is simple and hassle-free with built-in fuses, breakers, and cables. The PowerHub is designed to be part of a system that allows you to easily connect to and charge your batteries with solar and wind inputs, and allows for pass-through generator output or generator charging of the batteries as well. And, its advanced automatic power transfer switching ensures your essential applications keep running in your grid-connected home should the power go out.

Product Features

  • Modified sine wave inverter/charger with battery box

  • Designed to include a generator as part of the system; generator power
         can pass through the unit to the AC outlets, and recharge the batteries

  • Integrated transfer switch

  • 40-amp three-stage charger

  • Four AC outlets with hardwire option

  • Two DC inputs for solar and/or wind connections

  • Full-feature LED display for system monitoring

    Product Specifications


Maximum power

1800 W

Continuous power

1440 W

Surge rating

2880 W

Output current (continuous)

12:00 AM

Output voltage

115 Vac +/- 10 Vac

Output frequency

60 Hz +/- 1 Hz

Output waveform

Modified sine wave

Peak efficiency


No-load battery power draw 

<12 W

No-load battery power draw (unit off)    

< 3 W

Input operating voltage range

< 10.5 to 15.0 Vdc

Fuse (resettable):


             AC outlet

15 A breaker

Fuse (user replaceable):


        Battery box

10 x 20 A

Transfer time

< 40 milliseconds

Operating temperature range

32F to 104F (0C to 40C)

Storage temperature range

 -4F to 140F (-20C to 60C)

AC receptacles


AC hardwire terminal block

15 A max


 Battery Charger

Output current

0/10/40 A

Output voltge



14.2 Vdc


13.7 Vdc


12.5 Vdc

AC input voltage

115 Vac 50/60 Hz

Charger efficiency

80% approximate

Charging type




Inverter dimensions (H x W x D)

14.1 x 8.0 x 16.1”

Battery box dimensions

13.9 x 13.9 x 20”

Inverter & battery box dimensions

28 x 21.9 x 36.1”

Weight inverter

27.3 lb

Weight battery box

29.0 lb

Part number


UPC number



One year


 PowerHub  1800  Runtimes

 w/ Single battery box with 200 AH battery

Office Applications





22 h

Inkjet printer


218 h 20 min

Cell phone


396 h

Table lamp


54 h 45 min

17” LCD monitor


49 h 50 min

Table light 40 W


43 h

Table light 60 W


26 h 40 min




Emergency Power Applications



Cordless phone


396 h

Clock radio


218 h 20 min

13” CRT TV


30 h 10 min

20” LCD TV


3 h 20 min




Home Backup Power Applications



18 cu. ft. fridge


15 h 25 min

8.8 cu. ft. freezer


20 h 20 min

Sump pump (1/2 hp)


4 h 29 min

Home alarm system


396 h



1h 43 min

Coffee maker



Sharp Solar Panel
Includes a 50w Solar Panel
Recharge your PowerHub 1800 using utility power from your wall outlet, from a Solar Panel or Wind Turbine.